Quitting: How I feel 2 weeks later

When we are stuffed up our emotional stuff is coming up.

2 weeks have passed since I decided to quit my job

I described the decision back then as an elite form of self care and that has proven truer each and every day. My mental health has returned to almost normal, whatever the hell that is. Let’s just say I am back to my baseline and the effect was rapid.

I do miss the people I worked with. It was a wonderful, professional team of great people with character and heart.

However, I felt calmer, relieved, optimistic and even caught myself singing in the car.

Interestingly as I started immediately filling the space of peace and calm with doing more things and worrying about a new source of income. I was sent a very rude and abrupt warning to stop it.  I promptly I came down with a head cold.

Inner grumpy cats said “OFFS Universe. Really! A head cold? Now?”  It was clearly time for some rest and introspection.

I am one of those people who do not believe in coincidences. I certainly do not think getting sick is ever a coincidence.

The mind body connection

There is the practical explanation that a head cold is a sign of a depleted immune system, lack of sleep and / or poor nutrition. To me there is more to illness than physical cause and effect.  I personally believe we can link physical issues or illnesses to an emotional or mental aspect of our lives.

Others who have studies and written about this concept, the mind body connection, such as Louise Hay, link the common cold to a conflict in life, a situation of overwhelm or stress.

Hay describes specific symptoms in detail and their possible emotional links. Sinus problems are an “irritation to one person, someone close”.  A sore throat can be connected to “Holding in angry words, feeling unable to express thyself” .

Colds as conflict

Author Louise Bourbeau describes a cold as manifestation of congestion on a mental level. When there is so much going on that we don’t know which way to turn.

Bourbeau proposes that the phase of the cold when we have the symptoms is already the healing phase. Preceding that phase in which we are sneezing and coughing is the conflict phase.

This conflict can be an event in our life. Sometimes it is a major event like losing our job, the break-up of a relationship or our pet dying, sometimes an event like a fight with our partner or being stressed about a situation at work.

During this conflict we are in fight or flight mode but after the conflict is resolved our body goes into recovery mode and the symptoms of that healing are a runny nose, headache, sore throat, cough etc.

If I apply this theory to my life recently is certainly fits. Quitting the job was the conflict for me. That task done I relaxed for just one freaking minute and BAM hit with a head cold!! Cue music “Isn’t it ironic…la la”

Don’t worry friends, Rod has me dosed up with chicken soup, honey and lemon tea, love and patience. I am fine really.

So now what?

Quitting my job was phase one. Now what the heck to do with myself?

As I have said before I would prefer my days to run as follows.

2 weeks later I want to drink coffee, create and sleep

Drink coffee

Create stuff and


Mixed with some delicious grand parenting I would be one happy camper.




However, I actually need to work until such time that my creative pursuits pay the mortgage and fuel my coffee addiction so I have been considering my employment options. In particular I have been considering returning to my soul work of midwifery. My first true love.

What do you think? Does it look like I am happy being “With woman”?

Femidist Wendy Buckland attending woman at homebirth
Attending to my daughter in labour






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