Quitting as an elite form of self care.

Sometimes it is important to pause and re-evaluate the path we are on to consider if it really is the one we need to meet our goals.

Quitting as an elite form of self care


Femidist Quitting Work






Have you ever wanted to walk away from something? Have you ever thought about quitting a relationship, a job, a commitment?

This week I quit my job. It was hard yet easy in the same breath. It was hard only when I criticised myself for failing to meet the requirements of my employment contract. Of course, like many, I have been my own worst critic.

Sometimes our desire to follow through, to complete a commitment or meet a promise to others or ourselves becomes detrimental to our own health.

Those of you who have been following my journey of late already know I have been living with and managing depression and anxiety. Having mental health issues in itself feels like a character flaw at times.

Despite being an experienced health care professional, knowing depression can’t be “snapped out of” I find myself frustrated at my inability to control the symptoms of depression.

As my mental health improved I returned to work and immediately knew the current situation was part of the problem and not the solution as you can read in my post last month Returning to work: Frogone it.

Working full time and commuting an hour at the start and end of each day has became too much to manage. The role I worked was always designed to be full time and was always going to require a commute. I have taken my own advice and left behind a situation I could not change. I have put my ego aside, admitted that taking on the job in the first place was a mistake and now rectified that mistake.

Quitting is a form of redistributing responsibilities

The relief is incredible and I feel that this conscious decision to quit is the best way to redistribute some responsibilities. The responsibilities of the job I have quit are no longer mine. I am now free and energised to move onto something more suitable.

We all make choices in life and it is important to stick to a decision until the end goal is met. However it is just as important, at times to pause and re-evaluate the path we are on to consider if it really is the one we need to meet our goals. Quitting my job is not a failure or a weakness. I see it as an elite form of self care.

Femidist Quitting Work





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2 thoughts on “Quitting as an elite form of self care.”

  1. Big sigh and huge smile reading this Wendy! Onwards and upwards. I look forward to watching in anticipation what the future holds for you. (I hope accepting the job in the first place wasn’t all a mistake – some pretty awesome bonds were formed!)

    1. Thank you Meg
      I have taught my children that there are no mistakes, only lessons. I learnt some useful lessons over the past 12 months but more importantly I met and befriended some amazing wonderful people. The lovely relationships I have made are beautiful gifts and I am blessed by them.

      To me there are no coincidences on this world. Each decision, connection and lesson is a beautiful part of the puzzle of life.

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