How pets can help manage mental health issues

Pets could teach us humans a lot about how to support those living with a mental illness.

Pets can help manage mental health issues

My pets are a great source of comfort and pleasure to me. The beautiful trusting eyes, the soft fur to stroke and the unconditional love all manage to ground me no matter what is going on in my life or in my head. Continue reading “How pets can help manage mental health issues”

Massage: Can it help depression and anxiety?

Massage in itself will not cure depression or anxiety but it will help relieve some of the symptoms.

Can massage care help depression and anxiety?  

There are many strategies to consider beyond current medical model of care for the management of mental health issues. Continue reading “Massage: Can it help depression and anxiety?”

Digital technology: mental health’s new frontier

Less than 35% of Australians with a mental illness seek help and 60% do not have access to treatment

Digital technology in mental health

I am interested in a wide variety of treatments for mental illness and an article on digital technology caught my eye. Continue reading “Digital technology: mental health’s new frontier”