Our family Murray River houseboat holiday. AKA Stacey is 30!

The houseboat was stunning. We expected the equivalent to a floating caravan but got so much more.

Our family houseboat holiday on the Murray River.

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40 Reasons to have a homebirth. Some may surprise you.

Women have many reasons to choose homebirth.

40 Reasons to have a home birth

Have you ever wondered why women choose to homebirth?

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Tragedy in Melbourne

This tragedy touched us all..

It has been a perfect summer weekend in Portland. Delicious sunshine, beach walks, coffee dates, cuddles with Lily and lots of sewing. As I write there is a koala sitting in the gum tree outside my sewing room, lazily chewing between naps.

However, for some families this weekend has been the worse ever for them.

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More new love! The birth of Mason.

Perfect in every way, Mason Lee joined the world on the 8th January 2017.

Mason is here!

Our family was blessed this week with the arrival of a new baby. As I posted last week we have been anticipated with much excitement the arrival the first born of my son Christopher and his partner Jorja.

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New Love

I often inwardly groaned when friends would share their Grandies latest achievements. Now I gloat with equal enthusiasm.

How can we love another as much as the first?

When my first child was born I could not comprehend how I could love another baby as much as this one, a deeply as this one, as completely.

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Stocking fillers

Upon waking on Christmas morning the magic of Father Christmas would fill us with delight. The stocking was full of treats.

Oh the old Christmas stocking. When I grew up we used a pillow case at the end of the bed. I much prefer the actual stacking shaped variation because apart from looking so cute is a much more realistic size to fill and hosiery is where the tradition began.

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