Bindi. The story of my Australian Shepherd

Meet Bindi the Australian Shepherd who I adopted from the pound and hear of a few of her favourite things.


And now for something completely different I would like to introduce you to Bindi who I adopted from the Portland RSPCA, Easter 2010 Continue reading “Bindi. The story of my Australian Shepherd”

Adding a rooster to the backyard flock. Meet Sheldon

Meet Sheldon, named in honour of our passion for TBBT

Today I added a rooster to the flock.

Poor Stella is a particularly maternal lass. I purchased a dozen fertile eggs to quell her maternal urges late last year. With her offspring now grown and left the coup she is clucky again. With only female companions I decided it was time to get a rooster so Stella can satisfy her maternal chooky urges.

I thought just yesterday that of I waited long enough surely someone on Facebook would post a giveaway of a rooster. In particular I hoped for a Sussex. The law of attraction prevailed and within 24 hours  the local buy/swap/sell Facebook page answered my request.

Meet Sheldon, named in honour of our passion for TBBT . My favourite character is Amy and  I love her on screen almost as much as the real life Zionist, feminist, home birther Mayim Bailik. However our hens have names starting with the letter “S” so Sheldon he is.

Rooster of Femidist
Sheldon the rooster









Bindi is excited

I do love chooks. Very rarely have I been without having at least having 2 -3 laying hens in my life.

When I finally brought my own home in Portland I promptly got some but I was not sure how Bindi would go with them. It was wonderful to learn that the chooks were safe with Bindi. She takes her role of guarding them very seriously. She watches them for hours and hours.

If the chooks are out she will follow them everywhere they go and her primary goal seem to be to herd them inside to me which she has successfully achieved a few times. Occasionally she will take a break, run to the water bowl but then dash back as quickly as she can to continue her watch.

Bindi meets rooster
Bindi on watch


Meeting Sheldon today was very exciting and she remains rooted to the spot at I type.

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