Lilyanna May

Lilyanna May home birth baby

The birth of Lilyanna May was simply…. Beautiful.

Lily, you see is my first grandchild. My strong beautiful daughter gave birth peacefully, calmly surrounded by love at home, in water. There seemed no doubt in Stacey’s mind that she would birth at home. It was what she grew up around. Stories of normal birth, home birth, my work as a midwife both in organisations and in private practice. It is clear the influence I have had on my children who all view birth as a normal, life, family event.

It was, in a practical sense, a little difficult for me to be at the birth. I had just started a new full time job in Victoria. Stacey lived in Sydney. With the support of my new boss, I packed up the laptop and was able to work from Staceys home remotely. This worked very well, in fact, I got I lot of work done that was ususally interupted in the office.

I flew to Sydney when Stacey was 39 weeks, hoping be to away just a week or two. Lily had other plans choosing to her birth date at 43 weeks! Stacey was calm, peaceful and patient. Sometimes other people were less helpful. The plethora of mainstream advice on the perils of “Post Date” births was annoying, negative, rude, imposing, and downright misinformed.

Stacey managed very well by trusting her body, her baby and the calm support of her midwives. Basically she stopped answering her phone and told people to fuck off. Fortunately because she was home birthing with an independent midwife she was not subject to the scaremongering I have witnessed in the hospital system by well meaning caregivers.

The date of the anniversary of my fathers death kept creeping closer. We wondered if Lily was waiting for that date. Concurrently Gemma, Stacey’s sister was waiting to receive the call that she was in labour and to drive up. The plan being she would arrive just after the birth to provide postnatal support. It was clear Stacey wanted Gemma with her.

Stace was becoming teary in the last few days, wanting her sister. In the end rather han have her wait until after the birth we asked her to come up. Gem hit the road and was there in time for roast pork for dinner, a tradition in honour of their grandfathers death. Grandad had always cooked us roast pork so in his birthday and anniversary of his death, roast pork is on our menu.

All seemed complete. The next morning Stacey’s “niggles” got stronger. The girls went shopping in what we would reflect later was early labour. Midwife┬áRachel was due for a visit at 6pm but by 2 pm I was convinced these cramps were labour and let her know. Gem and I prepared the birthing pool.

Rachel arrived at 6pm, Lily arrived just after 8pm. That was it, perfect and simple. I will let Stacey share the actual birth details in her own post.

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