A few facts about me:

I am midwife, feminist, mother and grandmother. I am currently employed as a Midwife in a small rural hospital.

Formal Qualifications:

  • Certificate of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Graduate Diploma of Midwifery
  • Certificate of Bowen Therapy
  • Certificate of Relaxation Massage
  • Advanced Diploma of Management

And because one can never stop learning I am currently enrolled in a Diploma of Counselling.


Things I love:

Integrity, resilience, solitude and silence, nature, yoga, coffee, writing, quilting, buying fabric for quilting, gardening, growing and drying herbs, spending time with my man, caravaning, living by the ocean, walking my dog Bindi, salt lamps, raspberries, chocolate, the smell of rain, the laughter of my granddaughter, massage, the sound of chooks, koalas visiting my backyard and eating out for breakfast.


I have several pets. An Australian Sheppard and a black cat, 4 Chooks, 2 Finches and 2 Goldfish. Bindi and Sammie were both adopted from the RSPCA and are the best of friends.



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