Solitude: The ultimate indulgence in a busy world

Solitude brings a state of balance to catch up from a hyper connected society.

Solitude. Bridgewater bay

Solitude: The ultimate indulgence in a busy world.

My need for solitude is not just a preference but critical to my health and happiness. Solitude is the state of being alone but certainly not being lonely.

Solitude to balance the hyper connectivity of life

Solitude for me brings a state of balance to catch up from what I see as a hyper connected society. The world is so fast and busy we need ways to release the pressure of doing things and going places. We live in a world where millions of mouths talk too much with very little to say. The news is negative and toxic, employers demand our energy to a timetable and mobile phones keep us permanently in touch.

I have very few opportunities in my life to truly be alone. A few minutes or hours stolen here and there is nice and allows me to recharge enough to get back to “it”, whatever it may be but a true extended period of solitude has not been mine for some time.

This weekend I have had the blessed opportunity to spend 48 hours alone in the house with time for reflection, peace and quiet. I do not feel lonely, rather the solitude provides me the perfect freedom to do whatever I want with, silence, calm and space.

So what to do with this freedom?

I found myself automatically walking around picking up things, tidying and started seeing grimy floors and the dirty bench tops. Groan.

Rod and I have recently had some robust discussions about housework, meaning his lack of contribution to it. He has gone for the weekend to spend quality time with his sons and I looked around, yet again left as custodian of the housework.  Rather than spend my day off cleaning and ruining this solitude I decided to give myself a break. I got onto facebook and hired someone to come in and clean while I retreated to my den and sewed! It was bliss. The two hours flew by and when I came out the house was clean and fresh and I was calm and rested.

With the house was warm and clean I relaxed and I really could do whatever I wanted. The TV stayed off with all it bad news and hyper stimulating advertising.

A solitude delight

I cooked a delicious nutritious meal for one and spent the evening reading and researching topics of interest. Bindi dog and Sammie my black cat lazed around in front of the fire and I felt beautifully relaxed.

doTERRA for FemidistI am completely in love with doTERRA essential oils right now and at about 8pm I put on my new diffuser with a dreamy blend of essential oils,read some more in bed, turning the light off at about 10pm.

I woke  to see light streaming into my room. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered it was 8 am. That’s ten hours sleep folks! Ten hours of deep uninterrupted blissful sleep.


My dreamy sleep blend
  • doTERRA Sleep blendLavender
  • Wild Orange
  • Vetiver
  • Frankincense

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