Buy Swap Sell: Things that make me smile.

Shoes: brand new, never worn, just a bit scuffed.

Femidist Meme Buy Swap and Sell

Buy Swap Sell

Buy Swap and Sell sites have become so popular with the rise of social media that I would say they are now more common than newspaper classifieds and community notice boards.

Most towns or coBuy Swap Sell post by Femidistcommunities have one or more social media Buy Swap Sell sites.


Some posts make me groan…

Call me a snob but I do not engage in sales with members who cannot spell or clean their items.

That car may be just dandy but if it needs new tyers I do not want it.

And seriously. “In good condition but just needs a clean” You cash hungry grub. Just clean whatever it is you want to sell before advertising it. Seriously.

Some posts make me giggle.

I saw a post last year on a local Buy Swap Sell Facebook page from a man seeking to buy a lawnmower. Brand and model did not factor into ┬áhis search, it just had to be in working order and “not stolen” I nearly snorted my early morning coffee that day.

While none of us want to be in receipt of stolen goods I have never thought to specify this criteria in a search. I almost replied in jest… “Sorry mate, I have a few here but they are all hot”.

Femidist Post

Teething cot?

A cot is currently on sale on Facebook in my local area. It is white timber and looks clean. The seller assures us that it is in good condition…..Just a few bite marks. Whaaaatt?

Amazing Vacuum

Femidist post on But Swap SellI love my dog. You can read about her amazing abilities and attributes here.

However, as clever as she is I just can’t get that darn dog to operate the vacuum cleaner.

I love ambiguities and this one really did make my day.




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