I’m Quitting sugar: Week two is not as much fun

I am not in a good mood and my thoughts feel a little fuzzy

Week two and it is not as much fun

I found my first week of the I Quit Sugar (IQS) program a breeze and wondered what all the fuss was about but I have to admit week two has not been as much fun.

By the end of week 1 I was tired and grumpy but I had worked 5 days and those of you who have been following my story know how full-time work affects me! I thought the work load, travelling to Melbourne and studying, was to blame and I am sure it did not help.

These last few days however have not been fun.

Over the past few days I have been craving chocolate and lollies and I can actually identify that I want that sugar hit and I know I will feel (temporarily) better. I am tired and achy and have had the odd very mild headache.

I am not in a good mood and my thoughts feel a little fuzzy. Now with my recent roller coaster ride with the black dog this has been a bit alarming. My support team are in on my detox program and watching me closely.

Femidist Granola
My homemade granola

As I said last week, I love the granola from the program but have learnt one can definitely have too much of a good thing. Oh the tummy ache!









The weirdest symptom is swollen aching finger joints. Not all of them, just two! I woke with one sore a few days ago and the second on the other hand joined in yesterday. It is quite unnerving. Arthritis doesn’t strike overnight does it? Off to Google ….


IQS 8-Week Program


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