I’m Quitting Sugar: Week One

family functions are great if your family functions

Femidist Quits Sugar

IQS Week One

Week one of the official 8 week quitting sugar program and WOW it has been a busy week.

Last weekend we had a family function for which I had sacrificed my annual birthday trip to Halls Gap and there were lots of interesting yet challenging dynamics going on. It was, as I posted last week, my last meal with obvious added sugar.

I am following the I Quit Sugar Program by Sarah Wilson

IQS 8-Week Program

I won’t discuss the weekend away except to say that family functions are great if your family functions. In retrospect I realise now that I headed into it with resentment that I was giving up what I really wanted to do. Ahhhh the things you do for love! Despite my grumblings I did enjoy getting to know his family more, especially his siblings.

Work life balance: The constant balancing act.

Despite all good intentions to have a better work life balance I ended up working 5 days this week and was quite the grump by Saturday morning.

The upshot of this has been the relative ease to commence my 8 week IQS plan. This is because I was prepared food wise and had little time to do anything but work so there was no deviation from the plan.

Friday was my monthly massage. I included massage therapy as part of my recovery from a mental health crisis last November and have imbedded it as my ongoing   self care strategy.  This month Danni, my wonderful masseur noted my body to be as relaxed and responsive to massage as she has ever seen and she gave me a gooooood session including cupping and hot rocks.  By Friday Night I was definitely irritable and tired.

On Saturday I was feeling shitty, an emotional wreck. I managed to get up, have a robust discussion with poor Rod ending with us both in tears. I had a brow wax and went back to bed and slept another 3 hours! We regrouped and had a lovely date last night and are back on track prioritising US over the needs of others.

I thought about all of this today, as I did my food prep for the week and realised as well as working 5 days the change in my body’s diet and the massage will have contributed to the all over ache, lethargy and irritability.

Anyway back to quitting sugar

My greatest trick has been homemade granola. My sister gave me a jar of it for my birthday last week and I love it. I have a little tub of it at work, add it to muesli, add it to yoghurt and pinch handfuls of it as I pass the pantry instead of lollies or chocolate.

The recipe is from Sarah Wilson’s books and website, link below.

I Quit Sugar For Life PRINT

This week I have had a few pieces of fruit but next week that is off the menu. Some fruit is very high in sugar. Did you know the average banana has the equivalent of 3-4 teaspoons of sugar?

Menu planning.

Having food planned and purchased ready to go stops me deviating from the plan. I have always been a planner, a woman of lists and organised systems.

I find if irritating to get home from work and not have a plan in place for the evening meal. On most weekends Rod and I plan our week ahead and shop accordingly. We can then head into the working week knowing that we can finish each work day relaxed with the meal already cooked, in the slow cooker or ready to throw together.

How do I feel?

I actually feel fine today. No headaches and the grumpy mole from working full time last week has been rested so I should be all smiles at work this week.

By the way, the scales say I lost 1.5kgs this week. Weight loss is not my main motivation in quitting sugar but I am happy about it none the less.

I have been on some sort of diet since I was 15 but THAT is a whole other post. Quitting sugar is not a diet to me; it is a conscious way to improve my overall health.

Do I miss sugar?

Of course I do. I love munching on lollies. I love chocolate and I don’t mind a cake or biscuit either. Pass me the granola and stop talking about chocolate okay!

Who has my books???

By the way who ever has my “I Quit Sugar Book Cookbook” that I know I loaned out about 2-3 years could they please return it to me.  I have a terrible habit of lending books and they do not get returned. I have lost 10 copies of Sarah Buckley’s Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, the IQS cookbook and one copy of David Gillespie’s Sweet poison.


IQS 8-Week Program

In Summary

This first official week if quitting sugar has been ridiculously easy.

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