I Guit Sugar- Week Zero:The preparation

Like any major change mental preparation and commitment is key.

IQS Week Zero

I Quit Sugar – Week Zero

The program I am  about to start is the 8 week “I Quit Sugar” (IQS) program developed by Sarah Wilson.

I have been a long time fan of Sarah’s work, blog and books for many years (Link Below)
I Quit Sugar
I have undertaken Sarah’s IQS program before, several years ago, with great success. The relapse to sugar has been gradual and insidious and I have for some time been considering a renewed attempt to remove sugar from my diet.

However, while my mental health over the past 6 months has been my greatest challenge I decided to wait until I was well enough again in mind body and spirit to take on the process of removing as much processed sugar from my diet as possible.

Like any major change mental preparation and commitment is key.

25th April 2017

Before driving to visit my sister, Sue, I purchased chocolate and lollies to munch for the 3 hour drive. I felt quite sick and had a racing heart rate but the time I arrived. That night I also had more chocolate and I woke feeling flat ad headachy the next morning.

Sue had made me a beautiful birthday gift of homemade sugar free granola. It was delicious and immediately reminded me of the wonderful flavours of healthy food prepared with real ingredients including love.

We spoke about the IQS program which she has recently completed. I decided it was time to take this next health challenge on. I have also decided to blog the journey, for interest and accountability.

April 28th 2017

Happy Birthday to me! On the road again I am reminded that I easily revert to eating crap food, particularly lollies, cakes and chocolate while travelling. Filling up with fuel Rod returned to the car with two chocolate bars (because the in store purchase saved 8 cents!) What a bloody con. Buy our crap and save money on fuel. I fail to see the savings.

After setting up Morrison in the caravan park we caught up with some of the family for a couple of hours before heading in Geelong for Dinner. My greatest sugar intake was the one Gin and Tonic I had. The average glass of tonic water has the equivalent to 13gms of sugar. Darn it.

Side note: Rod has this funny custom of naming things. His car fridge is Winston and his vehicle is Maxine. When I brought myself my little caravan he named it Morrison, as in Van Morrison.

Morrison Femidist
Morrison all set up at Barwon Heads.
April 29th 

This weekend was already locked in as a weekend away with Rods family to celebrate his youngest sisters 50th birthday. My own birthday yesterday was also sure to bring some refined sugar into play. Therefore I have scheduled next week to be the official week one of my IQS journey.

So the family weekend is underway. I have retreated to Morrison, my little caravan for some solitude to recharge myself and digest the dreamy rich mad cake topped with profiteroles (pictured) which I vow to be my last  such desert .

Sugar Week Zero
My last Hoorah

I have links to Sarah’s IQS program in this blog and am a registered affiliate to her program and products. That means if you access and purchase any of her products through my website I may receive a small kickback. This does not mean you pay anymore for the product or service.

Remember I only link to products and services I personally use myself and trust. You do not have to link through here and anyone can access the IQS program easily themselves.

Affiliation through websites and blogs is common modern networking and it’s how us smart women roll.
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