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Would you like to improve health care in Australia?

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Consumers lead change.

The Health Issues Centre may be the place for you if:

  • You want to make a difference
  • Are you interested in having your voice heard
  • Would you like to improve health care in Australia

I have learnt more and more working in healthcare administration over the past 5 years the true power of consumer participation.

Healthcare facilities are highly motivated to engage with consumers and involve them in a variety of roles.

Being an active consumer representative can be achieved in a number of ways and I have witnessed first hand the impact and power consumers have had in initiating, influencing and implementing changes in healthcare.

A wonderful organisation called Health Issues Centre is the peak consumer body in Victoria.

What does the Health Issues Centre do?

Health Issues CentreThe Health Issues Centre (HIC) supports and inform consumers and the health sector to partner for health care improvements.


Health Issues Centre achieves this by:
  • Providing training and support to health services and health-related organisations to advance consumer participation and patient centred care
  • Supporting consumers on departmental and health service committees
  • Training and mentoring consumers and carers to participate in health
  • Influencing government policy through submissions and seats on key committees, ensuring the consumer  perspective or experience informs improvements to the health care system undertake health policy-related research and consultancies
  • Maintaining a knowledge bank and resource library on consumer perspectives and participation
Getting Involved Toolkit

Getting Involved is a new series developed by the Health Issues Centre to support consumers who are already working with a health-related organisation (e.g. health service) or are interested in being a consumer representative.

Check it out!


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