Three weeks later and it still feels like home

Lily and Mason Buckland

Oh my, has it really been three weeks?

Back on the 8th of April I wrote about my return to midwifery and that I felt a sense of coming home.

I am pleased to report that I am loving my work and happy to be working in midwifery again. The first three weeks of the new role have flown by so quickly which I take as a very good sign.

Resolute in maintaining a healthy work life balance I have clocked off ON time everyday, not once brought any work home with me and I  schedule a lunch break and usually leave the building and get outside.

Easter has just passed and I was so excited and blessed to have my children and beautiful grandchildren around me.

The babies are growing quickly and developing such lovely cheeky individual personalities and they delight in each other’s company.

We went to the beach where they played in the sand and enjoyed the waves splashing.

Lily and Mason Buckland

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