Digital technology: mental health’s new frontier

Less than 35% of Australians with a mental illness seek help and 60% do not have access to treatment

Midwife Wendy Buckland writes on digital technology for mental health

Digital technology in mental health

I am interested in a wide variety of treatments for mental illness and an article on digital technology caught my eye.

More than ever we use digital technology on a daily basis. We like, share and tweet to each other and we follow our s/heros, professional organisation, hobbies and online stores.

The word Google itself has evolved from a noun to a verb, “just google it” we say when lost for an answer on ……. well almost anything!

The article I am sharing today is titled Social Media: The new frontier in Mental Health. Researcher Professional Helen Christensen is leading the world in research on how digital and online technologies can help address mental health issues.

Femidist post about digital technology
Professor Helen Christensen

Christensen is the Chief Scientist at the Black Dog Institute and leader of the Digital Dog research group.

The group is developing and testing a suite of apps, websites and games to help lower depression and suicide risk, reduce stress and promote well being.



Black dog Institute LogoWhat the Black dog institute knows already is that less than 35% of Australians with a mental illness seek help and that 60% do not have access to treatment. Both of these figures are incredibly worrying.



Digital and online technology has the advantage over face to face treatment in that it provides flexibility and convenience. Furthermore, it is a private accessible choice if one is feeling stigmatised.

Read the full article for yourself here, and remember to share, tweet and pin!

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