Consumer representative vacancies. How you can help create improvements in healthcare.

Often the greatest drivers for change are not healthcare administrators but consumers themselves.

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Health Issues Centre is advertising consumer representative vacancies.

The consumer voice

Consumer representationI love the Health Issues Centre (HIC) who are the state peak body for consumer representation in health care.

HIC supports and informs consumers and the health sector to partner together to improve health care. This is achieved in lots of different ways including:

  • Training for healthcare staff on how to engage consumers
  • Training for Consumers on how to be a representative
  • Teaching people how to get active in their own healthcare
  • Promoting patient rights
  • Forums
  • Advocacy training
  • Peer support
  • Training on health literacy ( making all that hospital paperwork relevant and understandable!)

In my personal experience healthcare facilities in Australia have genuine intentions and serve to provide safe and effective care to the community. However often the greatest drivers for change are not healthcare administrators but consumers themselves.

When healthcare services join forces with a motivated informed group of consumers, look out, change will abound..Just look at the great work done by 13 year old Gidon improving hospital car parking in NSW. Read Gidon’s amazing story here.

Consumer Gidon
Current consumer representative vacancies

If you are interested in getting involved, check out the vacancies for consumers on the Health Issues Website here. If I was eligible I would jump at the one on the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Other ways to get involved as a consumer

If none of the Health Issues Centre vacancies appeal to you there are many opportunities available at local health care facilities. Here are just three suggestions to get involved at a local level.

Join a CAC (Consumer Advisory Committee)

Most healthcare facilities in Australia have consumer advisory committees or focus groups. I will bet my next cup of coffee that if you have a look on your local hospital’s website there will be an article or link seeking consumer representation.

Provide feed back

Those hospital feedback forms are there for a reason. Fill one out, give some feedback positive or not so positive, pose a suggestion.

Answer a questionnaire or survey

Ever been asked to contribute to a survey but ended up throwing it out or forgetting?

Healthcare facilities are expected to evaluate their service to consumers and feed back is genuinely sought to make improvements on a continues basis. If you can take the time to complete a survey when asked you will be helping improve healthcare.

Come on, jump on board and have your voice heard. I can’t be the only opinionated one!

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