Being a grandparent. Falling in love again.

All the fun without the daily responsibility.

Femidist as a grandparent

The blessing of being a grandparent.

Something magical happens when parents turn into grandparents. I would say becoming a grandparent has been like falling in love again.

I tried not to pressure my kids into providing me with grandchildren. Sometimes with success and sometimes without.

Choosing to have or not have children is such a personal and private decision. Life already has enough quilt trips and interfering gossips without Mum or Mother-in-law asking about the plan for children. I did not want to pressure my own children to reproduce in case they did not want to or couldn’t.

Now that some grandchildren have arrived in my life I forget what it was like without them and it has only been 8 months.

Lily was born in July 2016 and Mason, January 2017

The joy and love they both bring to the family is simply delightful. We are blessed with two happy healthy babies and enjoy watching every new milestone, every smile, every tooth, every new change, and each challenge too.

Grand parenting by Distance

The hardest thing about grand parenting Mason is the distance. I live 7 hours away from him and find that challenging. I wish we lived closer. How some families manage longer distance by road, or even ocean I cannot fathom.

Seeing Mason last weekend on our family houseboat holiday was wonderful and he had developed so much in the 4 weeks since I had last seen him. Oh, and his parents of course!









Thank goodness for Snap chat and other modern means of communication. Jorja and Chris send me lots of updates and I love each and every one of them.

Lilyanna May BucklandI never take for granted the blessing of having Stacey and Lily living in the same town as me. I make the most of it. Being close to her and being a part of her day to day life is simply wonderful. If I am ever a bit low in spirits Rod sends me away to have cuddles with her.

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