Life skills for our children

I believe swimming to be an important life skill for children both for fun and safety

What life skills do children need?

Outside of the three R’s we expect our children’s traditional education will provide what life skills are on your list for children?

As well as being decent human beings I am proud all of my children can cook but that skill just seemed to happen by default ( or perhaps a love of good food)!

Beside cooking, two skills on my mandatory list that I made sure my kids all have was the ability to swim and to be able drive a manual car. Not at the same time of course unless those hairy river crossings are deeper than expected when four wheel driving.

It surprises me that today young kids only learn to drive an automatic car because there are times when the skills of being able to handle a manual are darn useful.

I have a friend who runs a plumbing business in the central city of Melbourne and some of his apprentices can only drive an auto. I find this incredible This business owner now has to provide an automatic vehicle for these workers. (You are a softy Pete. I would only employ people who could drive both!)

Anyway, back to the swimming.

I believe swimming to be an important life skill for children both for fun and safety and I am pleased to report this family tradition is being passed on.

Today I went along to Miss Lilyanna’s weekly swimming lesson. Herein lies true evidence I need to reduce my hours permanently, to enjoy these beautiful moments.

Okay, okay, I admit it. This post is a blatant Granny Brag so now it is time to let the pictures tell their story.

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So what life skills do you consider important for children to learn?

Please comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Life skills for our children”

  1. Since my kids were young we’ve had ‘kids night to cook’ where we choose something they haven’t tried before and walk them though it. It’s fostered a real love of cooking, but is also very special time shared with them. We were also adamant that they learn to swim, and have a manual paddock bomb they’re learning to drive in!

    1. Hi There
      That’s fantastic. I love the idea of your “kids cook night” what a wonderful family ritual. You are right: the cooking skills learnt are one thing but the shared family time is a value that cannot be measured.

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