Reason number 32 to homebirth. Photos and videos wont be restricted.

You may be surprised to learn that there are restrictions, documented in writing, to your right to photograph or video a birth in hospital

40 Reasons to Homebirth
Reason Number 32: Photos and videos wont be restricted.

A picture does certainly tell 1000 words. That’s why we love them.

Photo of newborn Lilyanna Buckland
Lilyanna taking it all in

We can look at a photo and be transported back in time to a place, an event and recall what was happening, who we were with, the atmosphere, the experience and so much more.

Just look at Lilyanna here less than 24 hours old, so wise yet vulnerable.

Photos and videos are real evidence of an event, a tangible memory captured for ever.


In my post 40 Reasons to homebirth, I listed as number 32: Photos and videos won’t be restricted.

While not everyone wants to photograph or film the birth of a their child, many do. A birth is a magical, memorable event. That special day our beloved new baby joined the world, our family and our hearts.

I know myself in looking at photos recently of my own children’s birth I was transported back to those birth days and was able to recollect so much more than my memory alone could provide.

However, you may be surprised to learn that there are restrictions, documented in writing, to your right to photograph or video a birth.

This is a real exert from a current hospital services brochure found online using a quick search, today.

Photos and videos

The use of video cameras or mobile phones is not permitted to film videos during the birth of your baby or during medical or emergency procedures.

Using a camera or mobile phone to take still photographs is permitted. Before you take any photographs, please ask permission from the doctors and midwives present.

Why do the rules (hospital policies) say no to photos at birth?

So why don’t health care workers in hospital want you to record the birth? What is the big deal?  It is not because they are shy, or don’t like blood, or think you are weird. It is certainly not because they don’t care about your experience.

Sadly any photographic evidence can of course be used in a law suit. In this day and age litigation in healthcare is rising and maternity and obstetric services are among the most highest at risk of litigation. Hospital staff do not want you taking any photos or videos in case something goes wrong and you capture it as evidence.

There is no other reason.

I fully understand this. For the past few years I have worked in hospital administration, been the author of many hospital documents and know with certainty the purpose of a high number of policies and procedures.

When you birth at home, there is no policy or procedure dictating your rights to photograph or video the birth. I am fairly certain this has never been a woman number one reason for choosing to homebirth. I would consider it one of those additional benefits.

What this does illustrate is that the decision to choose to home birth, is the choice to be accountable for all decisions.

Just for good measure, here are a few amazing birth moments each captured in a single photo.

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