40 Reasons to have a homebirth. Some may surprise you.

Women have many reasons to choose homebirth.

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40 Reasons to have a home birth

Have you ever wondered why women choose to homebirth?

The decision to homebirth is not taken lightly. Women and their partners I have worked with over the past 20 years take into careful consideration the pros and cons of birth place.

The reason/s homebirth is chosen is usually multifaceted. The list provided here  is by no means exhaustive nor does it provide an explanation of each point. Those posts are coming soon!

40 Reasons to have a homebirth: Version 1
  1. Homebirth is safe. Yes I have the evidence to back this statement.
  2. You will have greater control and autonomy over your decisions
  3. Choice of model of care
  4. Choice of caregiver. You select your midwife personally.
  5. Choice of support team
  6. Greater partner involvement
  7. Students upon invitation only
  8. Children can be there if you wish
  9. Pets can be there if you wish
  10. No rush to hospital in labour
  11. You won’t have to factor in time driving in labour (See the birth story of Christopher)
  12. Your car won’t be spotted at the hospital by the local gossip
  13. No food restriction in labour
  14. No covert or overt pressure for  interventions
  15. Higher chance of normal physiological labour. No time line
  16. You don’t have to have routine vaginal examinations or monitoring
  17. Water birth is a real choice
  18. Your birth plan won’t be scorned and scoffed at (yes this still happens)
  19. Your chiropractor can home visit
  20. You can use herbs, essential oils, homeopathy at your discretion without negotiation and reprimand
  21. The ability to move around freely, walk, sit, stand, rock, dance ..whatever you like is greatly improved
  22. You can birth outside if you want
  23. Music of your choice can be played or you can have none at all
  24. Hospital acquired infections are eliminated
  25. There are no strange hospital antiseptic smells
  26. Privacy: No strangers will be bursting into your room
  27. No noise from adjoining labour rooms
  28. No noisy cleaners banging around with mops and dusters
  29. Home cooked food is there for you
  30. You are less likely to require drugs
  31. Higher chance of normal vaginal birth
  32. Photos and videos won’t be restricted
  33. Physiological third stage : Delayed cord clamping is under your control
  34. Skin to skin contact with your baby is a given
  35. Lotus birth becomes a real option without recrimination and lectures
  36. The fate of baby’s placenta is your choice
  37. Your baby will not be mixed up with another
  38. Baby will not be separated from mother.
  39. You can have a cup of tea in your own cup in your own bed or lounge after the birth
  40. Visiting is restricted to invited guests only. No randoms will wander in.


I will expand in detail on this list and add to it as things come to mind.

I would love to have your feedback.

Have I forgotten anything??

Snuggling on the couch minutes after birth


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