Trust your instincts: Why you should ignore parenting advice.

Parenting is a continuous series of decisions you must make for your child.

Poster stating Why you should ignore all parenting advice, including mine

Instincts don’t lie. They are your soul talking, your inner voice and they are the reason you should ignore parenting advice. Including mine.

Unsolicited Advice

Oh the advice we receive! Don’t you just love it? Some is well meaning, some we even ask for and some just plain uninvited and rude and it starts long before we have a baby in our arms. It all starts in pregnancy!

What to eat, where to birth, how long to have off from work, feeding choices…..

I have strong opinions about some things. But it is just that; it is MY opinion. I am happy to share what I have experienced, what has worked, what has not ( for me) but it may not fit for you and that is okay.

Everyone one has an opinion to offer you and then we, the parent  have to begin making parenting decisions.

Attached parenting or not?

Cloth or disposable?

Freestyle parenting or helicopter hovering?

Never smack or are there exceptions?

Co sleep or separate beds from birth?

Time out or yell it out?

Private school, public school home school or un-schooling?



Parenting is a continuous series of decisions you must make for your child.



You know, none of us is really an expert.

We are all doing what we can with the knowledge we have at the time.

If you don’t like my advice or opinion…that’s awesome.  You and only you are responsible for your parenting choices. Ultimate you have to decide what is right for you and your child.

Would I change some decisions, some choices I have made? Given a second shot: damn right I would.

But know this, every single thing I would do differently with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight is a situation where I did not follow my instinct at the time. Or the cues my child was giving me.

The decisions I regret are those times I listened to another against my own intuition. Those times when I had not listened to myself but rather the well-meaning family members, friends, books even health care professionals. That is why you shouldn’t listen to me.

Here is my golden advice.

Yup, that is it in a nutshell. Your aunts, mother in law, best friends, postman, doctor, and total strangers will all put in their two bobs worth. Smile and wave, take on board what resonates with your soul and let the rest roll away like water off a duck’s back. Follow your parenting instincts.

It is what you really know is right. Trust your inner voice. Listen with your heart.

Do what you KNOW is right

Toddler wearing TShirt stating "My mom does not want your advice"





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