More new love! The birth of Mason.

Perfect in every way, Mason Lee joined the world on the 8th January 2017.

Wendy Buckland known as Femidist holding newborn Mason

Mason is here!

Our family was blessed this week with the arrival of a new baby. As I posted last week we have been anticipated with much excitement the arrival the first born of my son Christopher and his partner Jorja.

Perfect in every way, Mason Lee joined the world on the 8th January 2017 at about lunchtime.

I hovered anxiously down in the hospital cafeteria knowing how close Jorja was to birthing. My anxiety not because she was birthing but because she was within the hospital system, I hoped they treated her well, did not apply any pressure for interventions to suit the medical timeline over her own body, trusted her.

Jorja chose the Wangaratta Community Midwife Program (CMP). I had worked within the program twice myself when I lived in Wangaratta and loved the work and team. I was team leader prior to moving into private practice full time in 2008. My children grew up knowing the ins and outs of midwifery caseload, mum being on call, telephone handovers and knew some of the team member’s still working in CMP.

I knew if Jorja was going to get a normal birth in the region then this program was going to give her the highest chance. She had her partner, my son Chris and her mother by her side.

Chris sent me a text message to come up to meet Mason. I met Chris in the corridor, he was crying with joy and pride. Jorja had birthed with power and determination and Mason was “Beautiful”.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves

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Community Midwife Program (CMP)

CMP is an early discharge program and Jorja and Chris after less than 24 hours were ready to bring Mason home. I have been so honoured and blessed to have spent the first few days of Mason’s life with them and making sure I provide the parents of my Grandson all the physical and emotional and support they deserve.

Walking my talk so to speak! See related posts below for my advice on supporting parents of new babies.

In April 2005 a little boy named Connor was born in Mansfield. His story is under construction for my book. When he was about 4 or 5 days old I took my children up with me to visit.

Chris has always loved babies and children. He sat reclining on the couch with baby Connor on his chest. He was softly stroking his head and he looked up and me obviously overdosing on the oxytocin in the room and said in a quite voice, “I want one”. me head shot up and I looked at him quizzically. He grinned. “Well not now…but one day”.

 That day has come.





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2 thoughts on “More new love! The birth of Mason.”

  1. A mother doesn’t need to be present for her love and support to be felt.
    I remember Chris with new born Connor as if it were yesterday.
    Lucky Mason! XO

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