Waiting for babies: A midwifery skill

As a midwife I have spent many hours, days, even weeks waiting for babies to be born.

As a midwife I have spent many hours, days, even weeks waiting for babies to be born.

Waiting: A midwifery skill

I recall my brother saying. “I had no idea my sister was so patient” in the days follow the birth of his first son. I had the honour of being midwife to my own nephew and it was a labour and birth that required a special dose of patience.

But more on that birth later. You will have to read my book one day.

I have been thinking about a title for the book. In my head it has always been called “You can’t do that!” this was one of the most commonly heard phrases during my time as a midwife in private practice. It is currently called “My truth” as in a previous blog. Maybe it will be” Homebirth in Australia: One midwifes journey”… hmm that could be too long.

I digress. This post is about waiting for babies.

Waiting for Lily

When Lily was born I ended up spending about 5 weeks at my daughter’s house waiting for Lily to join us. She was born at 43 weeks gestation. No induction was required or forced onto Stacey because she was under the care of an independent midwife and not the medical system.

In the end a long wait is exactly what was needed because Lily’s birth was much more about the events that led up to and followed the birth. Insert white ribbon logo here and also….wait for the book. The birth of Lily in itself was short, simple, fuss free and incredibly beautiful. A perfect home water birth.

At the moment we are awaiting the arrival of another very special baby. Yes yes , I know all babies are special. I mean particularly special to our family. My son Chris and his partner Jorja are expecting a baby soon. Where and when she is birthing is not my story to tell.

We had a nice quite Christmas. Jorja was quite clear the birth was not happening during the festive season which kept us off her back and I have returned home now to await the call to come up and meet the baby when he is good and ready.

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