Bliss is having all of my kids under one roof.

Distance has us living 7 hours apart but we have gathered together in Wangaratta for the Christmas season. The clan is growing with one baby born earlier this year and another due sometime soon.

I arrived yesterday and have waited all day for my two daughters and granddaughter Lily to arrive.

While it is all good fun I have had to endure replays of all of my gook ups.

For example: I rang Stacey this morning to see how far she had travelled.Gemma answered “Hello, this is Stacey’s phone” “ Oh Hi Gem. It’s Mum. How’s things?”   “Yeah good, whasup?”  “Is Stacey there yet?” Silence, muffled giggle.“Nah, she just teleported her phone to me”.

Nothing wrong with me!

I am so proud of my adult children and genuinely enjoy being with them all. I feel such a sense of peace and joy when we are all together.


As I type:

  • We are planning our trip berry picking in the morning. (A Christmas eve tradition)
  • One is bagging the other for not providing a live Christmas tree
  • I am threatening to shave of Chris’s dreadlocks.
  • Gem is showing of her new ear piercings, threatening thicker diameter holes.
  • Lily is giggling at them all and Jorja ever patiently enduring the whole lot of us.

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