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I have had a top day.

Top because it included time with two of my besties.

Besties traditionally meant best friend but of course it is quite okay to have more than one bestie which completely confuses those bound by grammar and the rules of language which I usually am.

I am also however a woman of contradiction.

This fact was most recently pointed out to me by the lovely Vicki, My Boss’s EA. We have sat in physical close proximity for the past 8 months or so and it did not take her long to work out my tendency to display contradicting points of view depending on my need at the time or the context of my action.

Besties is a great non word that has become common language. While I love the correctness at times of grammar and language I am also happy to mess with the rules of same and be a complete grammar Bogan.  How can we possibly have more than one bestie if indeed the very meaning implies one person alone must only be our best friend?

I have come up with 7 types of Besties.

Oh my! I almost deleted the above line out of shock. That sound like such a corny Google search “7 types of Besties”…… Almost as bad as “4 foods to eat to cure your ingrown toenail” or “11 habits you must quit before midnight” or “8 ways to beat insomnia” or “365 Hexagons to complete a quilt” (That one is for you Sue C, my grown up bestie)

It is so corny I am going to keep it. This may just yet become a most search bestie page.

7 Types of Besties
  1. Childhood bestie: That friend who shared your childhood experiences, and usually school class and yard. We may not keep in contact but when we meet up there is an instant re connection born of shared formative years.
  2. Long term bestie: This one knows a huge amount of stuff. Has shared many a drunken occasion, remembers those revolting boyfriends, knows your favourite colour and always remembers your birthday. She knows your faults and weaknesses but loves you anyway.
  3. Grown up bestie : As above but met later in life so didn’t share that teenage/young adult stuff but know you in an open honest way.
  4. Right here, right now bestie: There is the bestie of here and now. The one friend out of a selection of acquaintances that we catch up with the most, call, text or snap who knows us in our current day to day context.
  5. Context bestie: The bestie we share a specific interest or bond with. I have a nursing bestie that I trained with (waves to Nette) A context bestie can also found on Contiki tours, interschool camps and summer holidays
  6. The guy bestie: Totally and completely different. They are the voice of reason when the inner drama queen emerges. The one man who brings the male perspective is of no romantic interest (eeewww) but a great back up partner for the dutiful second cousin twice removed wedding.
  7. Partner bestie: I have to concede, Rod is my best friend. He knows things about me none of the above do. He is my partner, lover, confidant, best friend, greatest mate and adventure buddy. He is quite aware that there are things each of my other Bestiesknow about me that he will never. Nor does he want to. It is vitally important to our health I believe that someone apart from our intimate partner, if we have one has our back. He is most happy they hold that role.

Anyway today was a great day because I saw both my long term bestie and my adult bestie. Beside Rod they are my two best besties.

I am truly blessed with these wonderful women.  They know me: the good, the bad and the ugly. Together we have shared, holidays, births, deaths, milestone birthdays and regular birthdays. Sickness and fitness, breakups and hook-ups, wine and Baileys, Christmas and Easters.They allow me to make mistakes and love me anyway.

My Besties can read the inference in a text and know when I am not okay. That dear reader is one damn fine skill because let me tell you, I write short blunt texts! Am the queen of minimalist texting. Each of these two fine women have rung me milliseconds after receiving a text and said “What’s going on?” I act dumb and say “Nothing, why, what do you mean?” My text had not intended to convey a situation but they can read it anyway. A mixture of experience, knowing me and intuition.

These women are amazing.

They give meaning to my life outside of family, outside of my relationship with Rod and far beyond my work.  They have loved me when I didn’t love myself and that has saved my life. They hold me accountable, share secrets and most importantly of all, they make me laugh. A LOT!

Maintaining friendship is a skill. (Insert link to post “8 tips to maintaining a Bestie Friendship”!) Bahaha , I crack myself up.

This week was maintenance time with my two best besties. I caught up, simply because I could and it was wonderful.

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