Femidist speaks out

Like a Kundalini awakening my story is bubbling up.


There are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in between. (Femidist)

I am Femidist.


Femidist is a pen name I made up combining the words Midwife and Feminist.

As we all know there are often more than two “sides”.  No matter how many players or version there are, each storyteller believes their version to be the truth. And it is. It is their truth. Even people who were not at an event have a version to tell.

The opposite of truth is falsehood, which can also take on a logical, factual, or ethical meaning. So each person with a story may believe anyone with a different version to their own to be false.

Truth is also used in modern contexts to refer to an idea of “truth to self,” or authenticity.  From this perspective I know the reason I want to tell my story, my version of the truth and that is to be true to myself.

For far too long I have chosen to remain silent.

I am referring to my experience of being reported to AHPRA in relation to my homebirth practice. I admit I chose to be gagged and not explain my version of events.I firmly believed, and still do, that it was not in the best interests of some individuals….. Some home birthing families to explain my actions.

I also chose to not tell people the rational for my actions. Believe it or not (insert shocked emote) many people did not ask me what happened even though they had A LOT to say and spread a great deal of gossip and false evidence around.

Those few that did ask me were told what they needed to know within reason, which ultimately was very little because there were very few people who actually needed to know details.

Book in progress

Anyway if you are interested, the story may be coming soon.

Femidist with her hands poised over a keybourd

Many years ago, a special friend and homebirth client of mine suggested I put pen to paper or fingers to keyboards as is now the modern case. So the idea of a book is not a new one.

I have often journal following a birth so have snippets written down. I have attended some wonderful births. The most moving, ordinary miracles have without a doubt been births occurring outside of the mainstream hospital system. Yes homebirths. Each birth taught me something wonderful. Each birth taught me things about women, birth, men, babies, children, animals, community, my family and myself.

Each soul has a journey and to understand the lessons of that journey one must tell their story. Like a Kundalini awakening my story is bubbling up. It is time to be told.

Perhaps my book shall be titled My Truth

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